Victoria, BC | Work with adventure seekers anywhere in the world

“It’s not too late to seek a newer world…”

We all have a story as how we got to today, and now, we can steer how we write our story forward.

Let me assist you in making your story forward a beautiful adventure, where your heart agrees with your mind, where you feel unreserved, boldly courageous, truly alive, or in any other way that suits You.

We will walk through ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ but we will also take action, together.
You don’t have to do it all alone. How far can a little extra support and courage take you?
I won’t only guide you to understand the role of healthy food in your life and get you inspired, but will also take you grocery shopping and teach you to cook a delicious meal, – to show how easy and exciting it can be once you make the choice to take action and step into the unknown.


One-on-One sessions are time for you to be guided to explore you & your needs and wants. I have many tools so together we can give form to the things felt & uncover how you can really choose you and enjoy your life ahead.

Mind adventures, heart adventures, physical adventures – what would bring you joy?


These are the experiential learning times. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try for some time, but haven’t yet; or if you cannot pin down as what could bring you joy – we will experiment, learn, explore until we find what strikes your curiousity and reignites a spark in you.

City trips, trips to the desert, trips through the neighbouring forest, – what is a grand adventure for you?

We will explore ideas, design adventures, combine journeys with internal discoveries to light you up, make you feel nourished and brightly alive.


All work is very personalized, but aside from sessions booked one at a time, we can pre-arrange a custom package to fit your needs. Do you want to completely turn your life around in 2 months, or would you like to stay on track of writing a book to fulfill your publishing dream and need some ongoing motivation and support, – let’s discuss as what could be my best contribution to your life.

Join me for an adventure! 

how did I end up here? why shall you trust me? 

Adventures aren’t only about leaving everything behind and riding camels in the desert, there are opportunities to feel and experience something truly incredible in everyday life. 

And yes, I have ridden more camels than driven cars in my life, and I am a creature of the desert.


The Inner Wisdom

My work is about guiding you to your inner wisdom. Nobody knows you better than you do. We will use words, somatic tools, sound, creative means, coaching tools, maybe spend time outside, use movement, be still, feel, express, – we will explore until you feel light, lifted, impelled to action.


Finding courage to open up fully and completely after years of holding everything in. Finding deeper connection and openness.


Whole world shifting, so many questions, so unsure how to act & react. Reviewing values & perceptions.


Active, not unhappy, but something is missing. Not knowing what change is needed. 


Gentle generous person, giving so much; finding the sense of ‘deserving’ and the capacity to ask & receive.

Contact me

If you feel the need for change in your life, if you are curious, if you think there’s potential for us to work together, – send me a note. We will connect, have a conversation and explore if there is a fit. And if so, I am looking forward to guiding you on this exciting journey.