Victoria, BC | Work with adventure seekers anywhere in the world, in person or via phone

No more holding back. 
Express. Create. 

Expression, Relationship & Adventure Coaching  
Giving space to be yourself.

Be heard, build amazing relationships, create adventures, recover & strengthen your physical, emotional and mental states.  LIVE.

You will experience the world of possibilities. 

Somatic and experiential learnings will give you the tools for all of your life ahead.


My work is about guiding you to your inner wisdom. Nobody knows you better than you do. We will use words, somatic tools, sound, creative means, coaching tools, spend time outside, might even go camping or on a road trip; we will use movement, be still, feel, express, – we will explore until you feel light, lifted, impelled to action. And we will take action together, until we reach the results.

G – “You were my first safe space”.

Feeling safe to open up fully and completely after years of holding everything in, carrying the weight of the world. Feeling openness, immense strength and lightness on the other side of vulnerability of sharing emotions. Letting go of physical pain as let go of supressed emotions.

M – “The old Me didn’t fit anymore”.

Whole world shifting, so many questions, unsure how to act & react. Reviewing values & perceptions. Old friends and situations don’t make sense. Discovering new experiences that didn’t know existed. New inner passion for living.

A – “I haven’t felt this inspired about life in over 10 years”.

Active, not unhappy, but something is missing. Not knowing what change is needed. Expanding emotional range. Discovering what brings one joy. Finding playfulness within.

C – “I deserve love”.

Gentle generous person, giving so much; finding the sense of ‘deserving’ and the capacity to ask & receive. Learning to want, to establish boundaries, to say ‘no’, to take time for oneself and self-care. 

Join me for an adventure! 

“It’s not too late to seek a newer world…”

We all have a story as how we got to today, and now, we can steer how we write our story forward.

Let me assist you in making your story forward a beautiful adventure, where your heart agrees with your mind, where you feel unreserved, boldly courageous, truly alive, or in any other way that suits You.

We will walk through ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ and we will also take action, together.
You don’t have to do it all alone. How far can some extra support and guidance take you? Find out!
 Experience as how fulfilling and easy it can be to take action and step into the beautiful unknown while having someone by your side to supportively push you forward.


One-on-One sessions are time for you to be guided to explore you & your needs and wants. I have many tools so together we can give form to the things felt & uncover how you can really choose you and enjoy your life ahead.

Mind adventures, heart adventures, physical adventures – what would make you feel in love with your life, bring you joy and fulfillment?


All work is very personalized, but aside from sessions booked one at a time, we can pre-arrange a custom package to fit your needs.

What do you want? Do you know?

Let’s explore that. 

We will make a commitment to see it through, until significant results are present, where you feel strong and content.

Do you want to completely turn your life around in 2 months, or would you like to stay on track of writing a book to fulfill your publishing dream and need some ongoing motivation and support, or would you like to learn to get more confident communicating and connecting with others, –
let’s discuss as what could be my best contribution to your life. 


These are the experiential learning times. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try for some time, but haven’t yet; or if you cannot pin down as what could bring you joy – we will experiment, learn, explore until we find what strikes your curiousity and reignites a spark in you.

City trips, trips to a forest or a desert, trips through the neighbouring market, breathing through a crowded event, – what is a needed adventure for you?

We will explore ideas, design adventures, combine journeys with internal discoveries to light you up, make you feel nourished and brightly alive.

Contact me

If you feel the need for change in your life, if you are curious, if you think there’s potential for us to work together, – send me a note. We will connect, have a conversation and explore if there is a fit. And if so, I am looking forward to guiding you on this exciting journey.


Experience support to boldly step forward into your next life chapter.

The process will include stages of sharing, finding inspiration, planning, experiencing motivational support, stepping into action, ‘keep going’ push, seeing it through, knowing you did your best, seeing the results, and discovering what lies in the beautiful unknown. 


*10 coaching/ adventure sessions + up to 5hrs retainer