What would you like support with?

This space is for you and how you are experiencing life.

I offer Family & Systemic Constellation processes to look at what in individual’s larger system is out of alignment, order or balance and what’s affecting them today. Once the hidden is visible, we can give space to more natural flow of love and life energy. It’s like a massage on a soul level. 

Bring an issue, a pattern, a feeling, a longing or a challenge that’s alive for you.
It can be about a relationship with self or someone, with an aspect in your life (i.e. money, housing, sexuality..) or an ongoing feeling or lack thereof (i.e. overwhelm, anger, anxiety, grief,..), or something in your life that you don’t seem to understand. 
With care, we look at your unique system and what is, and give space to a possibility of emergence, and, guided by your soul, invoke any necessary movement.
Sometimes it’s about giving acknowledgement, or seeing from a different angle, sometimes it’s about releasing, and often it’s a pure soul movement that has needed to happen within the system for some time and didn’t have space.

Constellations modality is about looking at the larger system (‘in relation’, like the stars in a constellation) and transmuting the sticky stuff, unprocessed emotions, transgenerational traumas, patterns, entanglements, unhealthy dynamics so we then can live out our own beauty and potential.

Yana Kabirova

dedicated to sharing kindness

The nature of what drives me has never changed, – I believe it can be better for all of us, individually and collectively, and we have incredible beauty and potential within. 

SO MUCH BEAUTY unfolds when one feels supported by at least one other being and connected to themselves. And that’s the magic I live for and love in the work that I do.

Constellations have deeply changed my life. This beautiful practice is gentle while also potent in a whole new way and is full of incredible and unexpected gifts. Honoured to offering it, for your benefit and the benefit of your larger system and community.

Family & Systemic Constellations

Individual approach

Every session is unique. There’s no agenda on what will be done; I will look at your system and “family soul” for information and go from there. 

Bring a question, a problem, or a feeling that is alive for you and that you’d like to gain more understanding with or experience a change in.
What gift would you like to receive?


We can look at your human relationships with yourself or loved ones or at your relationship with your voice, creativity, money, job, housing, taking space, sexuality, living, loving, etc.

Physical Experiencing

What's in your body that you are not at peace with. Is there an ache, an anxiety, a longing, stress, numbness, darkness, grief, anxiety or something else that lives in your body?

Life flow

What are you yearning for? Where are you not feeling the flow? Where can there be more ease? What could have more love or freedom? What needs space?

What do you need and want in your life?

How can I be of service to you today?

Experiential practice but the mind has questions too

Common Questions

This phenomenological modality can sound a bit confusing but the beauty of it is that it’s very experiential; you get to feel the steps in your own being and that’s what we base the process on rather than it being all about the words.

No. There’s generally not a lot of talking. Bring an issue in your life, a struggle, a desire or a feeling and we will setup your Constellation so we can visually see outside of you as what’s affecting your system.

There’s gentleness to this process that allows some very profound places in us to be given attention and flow.

It can be almost anything, whether it’s a struggle in a personal relationship, with a family member, or with money or career, or health, or if you have an ongoing feeling, like guilt or shame, or anger, or if you have a decision to make that you need more clarity with.
I do not facilitate Business Constellations (you can bring a question about your personal position towards being a business but I don’t work on movements within a business structure). 

Every process is unique, based on the client. That said, in Constellations we work with layers. It can be, and usually is, deep potent work that has ripple effects in many areas of life. And from how interconnected many layers are in us, even a small shift can bring a lot of change.
Sometimes it is about a perspective change, sometimes it’s seeing and naming something that has been excluded for a long time, and sometimes it is about unraveling and letting go, and stepping into something new, and at times it’s a huge fundamental shift. It’s your journey and I am here to help.

No. We can look at your family system without them needing to be there (or alive, or known).

We are working with the Knowing Field around us. It contains the information about what hasn’t been processed or acknowledged in our Family System and other systems that affect us. We are looking at the systemic perspective. The Field directs the information for us to restore the natural flow of life.

In a group setting, members of the circle get asked to represent the different elements in a Constellation. In an individual session, I will use objects to represent and shift the attention between the important parts of the Constellation. 
Both can be very effective so truly all about your comfort and preference.

Online sessions are very potent as well. We will meet via Zoom.
You get to be in your own chosen environment. Online sessions require steady internet, access to a microphone and a camera. 
In person sessions may possibly feel a bit more vulnerable for some but they also tend to bring a lot of special tenderness that comes from a physical proximity. And of course, certain movements become physically possible, like standing right next to a person or holding someone’s hand vs online naming that movement & making space for it energetically.

For 1-on-1, the bookings are for a 2hr time slot. Sometimes big movements come rather quickly. We will finish when there’s a natural completion, which may be less than 2hr, with the 2hr max for the session.