Bring what you want to shift.

This time is for you and how you are experiencing life.

I offer Family & Systemic Constellations processes to look at what can be healed in individuals, in family lineages and give space to more natural flow.

Come as you are, bring a question or an issue, and I will look at what’s affecting you or what’s missing at the core level that’s not allowing flow in that area of your life. With care, we invoke movement, a change in your system that will have a beautiful ripple effect. 

Constellations modality is about transmuting intergenerational traumas, patterns, dynamics and the sticky stuff that we pick up along the way, so we then can live out our own beauty and potential.

Yana Kabirova

dedicated to sharing kindness and bringing change

The nature of what drives me has never changed, – I believe it can be better for all of us, collectively and individually, and we have incredible power within.

It’s been such a journey! There have been adventures, challenges, soul opening experiences, limiting beliefs to discover and let go, hidden grief, and exploration layer by layer as who I am and what gifts I can contribute in this world. And of course, cycles of learning continue. 

SO MUCH BEAUTY unfolds when one is supported and connected to themselves. And that’s the magic I live for and love in the work that I do.

Family & Systemic Constellations

Individual approach

Every session is unique. You and your journey will have space and acknowledgement.

Bring a question, a problem, or a feeling that is alive for you and that you’d like to experience a change in.


We can look at your human relationships or at your relationship with your voice, creativity, money, job, house, taking space, etc.

Physical Experiencing

What's alive for you in your body that you are not at peace with. Is there darkness or grief, or anxiety that live in your body? Where is your energy going?

Life flow

Where are you not feeling the flow? Where can there be more ease? What could have more love?

Experiencial practice but the mind has questions too

Common Questions

This potent practice can sound very cool or very bizarre, and the beauty is that you will get to experience it for yourself and feel into your own observations.

No. We can look at your Family System without them needing to be there (or alive, or known).

No. There won’t be much talking. Bring your question, struggle or feeling. I will ask a few short questions and then we will setup your Constellation to see what is present and what is affecting you in regards to your question.

There’s gentleness to this process that allows some very profound places in us to be given attention and flow.

It can be almost anything, whether it’s a struggle in a personal relationship, with a family member, or with money or career, or health, or if you have an ongoing feeling, like guilt or shame, or anger, or if you have a decision to make that you need more clarity with.
I do not facilitate Business Constellations (you can bring a question about your personal position towards a business but I don’t work on movements within a business structure). 

Every process is unique, based on the client. That said, in Constellations we work with layers. It can be, and usually is, deep potent work that has lasting effects. And from how interconnected many layers are in us, even a small shift can bring a lot of change.
Sometimes it is about a perspective change, sometimes it’s seeing and naming something that has been excluded for a long time, and sometimes it is about unraveling and letting go, and stepping into something new, and at times it’s a huge fundamental shift. It’s your journey and I am here to help.

In a group setting, members of the circle get asked to represent the different elements of the Constellation. In an individual session, I will use objects to represent and shift the attention between the important parts of the Constellation.

Online sessions are very potent as well. We will meet via Zoom.
You get to be in your own chosen environment. There are technical aspects that need to be present, like steady internet, access to a microphone and preferably a camera. I have access to two cameras so you will be able to see me as well as the board with your Constellation set up.

We are working with the Knowing Field around us. It contains the information about what hasn’t been processed or acknowledged in our Family System and other systems that affect us. We are looking at the systemic perspective. The Field directs the information at us to restore the natural flow of life.

For 1-on-1, the bookings are for a 2hr time slot. Sometimes big movements come rather quickly. We will finish when there’s a natural completion, which may be less than 2hr, with the 2hr max for the session.

What do you want your life to feel like?

How can I be of service to you today?