Yana Kabirova

hello. Let's meet.

I remember being about 4 or 5 years old and having this deep pondering of why couldn’t adults agree on things, why was there hurt and yelling, why can’t they share their deep feelings to understand each other.
And I still have that similar feeling in me now and the drive to expose the possibility of understanding and connection when core emotions are brought to light and are held. And this is my purpose. Each individual deserves to feel seen and heard and be who they are in their being so they flourish in their life and so do others around. 

SO MUCH BEAUTY unfolds when one is supported and connected to themselves. And that’s the magic I live for and love in the work that I do.

There have been adventures, challenges, soul opening experiences, limiting beliefs to discover and release, deep grief, incredible joys, and journeying layer by layer through who I am. And of course, the cycles of learning continue.

I’ve been collecting tools from somatic therapy, coaching, psychology, alternative healing modalities, different cultures and generations,.. practicing, taking formal courses, having deep conversations and contemplations, and throwing myself into experiential learnings. I go on learning binges and then process, and then go deeper, and then process and implement. And share. My goal is for all to have support and feel empowered and living with trust. It is a bit of a wild goal of a global change, but what we can think, we can create, eh?

I am dedicated to evolving and growing, while living with kindness, love, curiosity and weave beautiful relationships and moments throughout my life.


I went to a weekend-long Constellations event with Courtney Wren-Mabbutt. Going in I wasn’t really clear on what it was, but there was curiosity and it felt right to sign-up. And wow. I got to witness and experience so much beautiful healing and so many aha’s over that weekend. With the practice being soooo experiential I didn’t even need to “believe” what Courtney was sharing about the practice, I got to first-hand feel it for myself. 

Since then, Constellations practice sort of enveloped me and reactivated me, there was no doubt about this being a part of who I am. And it’s been an incredible learning journey to become a facilitator.

I’ve been learning from Constellations facilitators, like Elena Veselago and Sarah Peyton, who have been doing this work for 10+ years. And of course, Courtney Wren-Mabbutt. Books, courses, participation and practice,.. learning always continues.

I am in awe of this work every day. The depth and the potency of Constellations is so beautiful.

STURDINESS and presence

I grew up in an environment where I was grounding and co-regulating nervous systems for others. Later on I learnt to do that from choice and love for humans, rather than the necessity and role that was put onto me. And I am extremely grateful for having developed the capacity.

Holding people through a lot, the big emotions, the deeply stored discomforts & memories, tender moments, anxieties, darkness, and in the deep processing that takes place in the body as well as the mind is something I’ve been honoured to do as work and circumstantially.

My approach, alongside with Constellations processes, is about bypassing the logical brain and tapping into the knowing in the body, in the heart and our field, while having a solid space to hold all that arises. And I strive for kindness and grace.

For 2 years, I’ve worked primarily with men and individuals with a strong need to ‘fall apart’, ‘collapse’, to let go of weight, expectations, shame, aggression, numbness, piles and piles of built-up *something* that wasn’t even clear to name. I got to sit with and give space to many. And then from spaciousness, ease, joy, love and creation can happen.

Hopefully this gives you a feel of who I am as a person and a facilitator.