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Family & Systemic Constellations

What in your system is affecting your dynamics, relationships and emotions today.


In Constellations work we attune to the ‘knowing field’ around us. It contains information about our ancestral, cultural and other systemic lineages and influences. 
Through a visual representation, we get to look at the energies in relation to each other, and ‘outside’ of oneself, – thus the name “Constellations”. 

As we connect and pay attention, we get to see the hidden patterns, dynamics, unconscious contracts, unprocessed emotions and what’s been excluded or placed out of natural order of life and love. By giving space, acknowledgement, releasing, restoring the rightful place, we honour the truth of the system so then person’s own life can unfold according to their own ‘blueprint’.

You may or may not know or spend time connecting to your family lineages, but your ancestors have walked before you and are always behind you. And that’s a natural order. Some actions we take are out of love and loyalty to those who’ve come before us, whether they serve us or not. And some behaviours were  necessary in our earlier years, i.e. for the safety of a younger self or to support someone, but that does not mean we need to hold on to them going forward.

Bert Hellinger is the founder of Family Constellation modality. He explored as how there’s information stored in our “Family Soul” and how that plays a role in our behaviour and experiencing of life. This is very similar to what now scientist discover in genomes and our DNA holding information about our family’s past. We inherit some great gifts, like instincts of self preservation or certain aptitudes, but we also inherit traumas, excluded emotions and can have entanglements with others in our extended system. Many more ‘traditional’ therapists have embraced this practice since.

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We gather in a circle and I work with one person at a time on an issue, a struggle or a feeling, anything that is present for them at the time that they’d like to shift.

After a few brief questions, we set up a visual representation of the relationships that are at play for them around the issue, with the people from the group standing in as representatives.

The mysterious and also the potent part of this practice is that the representatives do not need to know anything about the person whose question we are exploring. The work happens with The Knowing Field. The Field holds and shows us what is important and what hasn’t been processed in the system. It is a very experiential practice, we will get to witness information based on sensations in the body and the ‘felt sense’ information that presents itself to the representatives at the time of Constellation. There are many layers that we get to touch through this work.

Individuals in the group do not need to be trained representatives or have any special knowledge. They simply need to be open to The Field and sharing what comes to them. Like conduits. We aren’t playing guessing games or roles, it’s all about what is felt, and if there’s doubt, we name it too. “Naming what is” is a huge part of Constellations processes.

After each Constellation is complete, we will work with another person in the group.

Even though the process is directed for one seeker at a time and not everyone might get a chance to receive their own Constellation within the session timeframe, being a representative or a witness in the circle often brings deep insights. Many individuals come to this practice only to represent or to be an observer. The experience is full of gifts for everyone in the circle and the people in their lives. Everyone is changed in some way.

This is a very experiential practice. And I myself initially went in for my first session a bit skeptical about how my ancestral history is involved into my actions and feelings today and how can that information be known to complete strangers. It truly was incredible to see what unfolded right in front of me, to experience it all in front of me and in myself, felt very deeply. There’ve been many learnings since, like seeing the responsibilities I had to carry as a child, where grief has been living in my body, the hidden sense of loneliness as a child, reconnection with the father energy, relearning to use my voice and improving my breathing and settling into more ease.

Your family members don’t need to be in the group (or known, or alive) for this work to be effective in your family system.

Bring a question, an issue, a concern, a dilemma, a feeling, a discomfort, a pain, an unknown. We can look at decision-making, shame, blocks, prosperity, anxiety, overwhelm, self-confidence, relationship struggles, money difficulties, grief, numbness, addictions, conflict, pain, darkness, despair, sexuality blockages, desire for ease and lightness,..  It does not need to be a family specific question like: “I don’t talk to my father”. It can be, and it also can be anything else that is not letting you feel at ease in your life.

Let us explore and shift the hidden patterns and dynamics that are affecting your life.

Let us create space for love to flow.

I am very excited for you and this journey of discoveries. 


I also offer 1-on-1 sessions, where we use figurines and other objects to represent, but otherwise the process is very similar. Please reach out if that is more suitable for you. The group setting bring a really beautiful layer to this work but follow what you need and what is comfortable and feels safe for you at this time.

Your journey.

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