It's time for you.


I am ready to help.

You probably already know inside of you where you want to start.

Listening to your system’s intelligence and processing shifts with support.

Upcoming sessions

  • July 8, online – Constellating Anxiety. Not being alone with anxiety.
  • July 15, in person at Heart & Haven, Kelowna – Open
  • July 20, in person at Heart & Haven, Kelowna
  • July 22 – Taking space, giving space.
  • July 29 – Using your voice again.
  • July 31 – Inner Contracts
  • Aug 7 – Care and Anxiety.
  • Aug 12 – Does this belong to me? Is this mine to carry?
  • Aug 26 – Acknowledgement

One-on-One Session

Bring what you’d like to explore and see a shift in. 

Group Setting

Bring an intention or an issue that you want to explore a resolution in.

We gather in circle (online or in person). There’ll be a brief round of check-ins and hearing from everyone to help feel into the container of the circle.
I can share a bit about the Constellations work if not everyone is familiar.

I will work with 1 person at a time and their constellation, with others in the group participating as representatives or observers. All roles matter and can bring great gifts to all participants. No special training is needed to be able to represent.

Due to the time constrains, likely not everyone will get their personal constellation facilitated.

We will not have pre-assigned person(s) who I will work with. I will attune to the circle to see whose Constellation gets to be looked at and helped by the group and trusting that the chosen Constellation(s) will be of service to others in the circle in their own way.

Questions and Logistics

Join sessions from the comfort of your own space.

Online sessions are as effective as in person.

Online sessions are held on Zoom.
Please ensure you have stable internet connection, access to a microphone and a camera.

For 1-on-1, the bookings are for a 2hr time slot. Sometimes even really big movements can take less time. Or there might be space and energy in your system for a few movements. We will finish when there’s a natural completion, which may be less than 2hr, with the 2hr maximum per session.

Come as you are. Bring an issue or a question that is alive for you at the time and your intention as how you’d like to shift it. 
Or something more prominent may arise when we meet.
One suggestion, if it feels good and right to you, is to spend a little bit of time and connect to your ancestors, in your own way.

You may cancel and receive a refund up to 48 hours prior to the session, unless some special circumstances.
You may reschedule once within the 48 hrs.

ABSOLUTELY. Every time, it’s up to you. 

If you are asked to represent, you can say no.

And before any physical touch is made, I ask participants to check in and ask permission from the other person. If it’s a “no”, we will express that movement with words.

All belongs in this process, including honouring the “no’s”.

Mostly yes. Anything that is related to you.
Whether it’s a struggle in a personal relationship, with a family member, or with money or career, or health, or sexuality, or creativity, or if you have an ongoing feeling, like guilt or shame, or anger, or if you have a decision to make that you need more clarity with.
I do not facilitate Business Constellations (you can bring a question about your personal position towards a business but I don’t work on movements within a business structure). 

Give yourself time and space to feel into what has changed for you and how you’ve changed. 

We are working with layers, so untangling one layer will very likely result development in other interconnected parts.

It’s hard to say without looking at the issue and your system specifically. Often, even 1 session will create movement and shifts that then will need space and time to keep unfolding.

From my experience, don’t plan on weekly or even bi-weekly sessions. Generally, more along the lines of 1 issue every few months, unless you are on a big mission to very drastically change your life and are ready for a lot of processing over a short period of time.

That said, do what feels right for you!

I am located in Peachland, BC and can be available for in person sessions in Kelowna and Summerland as well. Other locations may be possible, please connect to discuss.

You are welcome in a session even if you don’t fully understand the process. Trust the feeling in you if you want to join. 
It’s an experiential process that doesn’t need any prior knowledge to participate. I will share some guidance when needed.

Bring what you’d like to explore and see a shift in.